Credit Agreement

Applicant warrants that the foregoing information provided is current and accurate and authorize our company name to check credit, employment history, bank and trade references and grants permission to our company name to answer questions about its credit experience with applicant. By signing this application, the signor represents he is a principal of the corporation and agrees to be personally liable to our company name for the unpaid debts of the corporation. All the past due accounts accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month or the maximum interest rate permitted by law. Applicant further agrees to pay all costs, nsf returned check fee, court costs and attorney’s fees. Applicant grants our company name a limited power of attorney to make and file a financing statement in any jurisdiction if account is delinquent. Applicant acknowledges that by signing for any delivery by whatever method, constitutes acceptance of the invoice/memo terms. Applicant agrees that venue and jurisdiction shall be in new york, ny.

No sales persons representing our company name are authorized to sign for any merchandise even for return goods. Any goods to be delivered to our company name should be shipped to the office address as mentioned above. Our company name will not be responsible for any return goods/memos/cash handed over to sales people whatso ever the reason. Applicant further represents that he is not now in the us military and will notify our company name, in writing, if such status changes. The buyer agrees that venue and jurisdiction shall be in new york, ny. All reference to gender is to be construed as neutral.

Any dispute, controversy, or claim between you and/or your company and our company name, arising out of or relating to any past or future transactions in which our company name has sold, transferred, or delivered goods to you or your company, shall be exclusively determined by arbitration administered by the diamond dealers club, inc. (“ddc”) in new york city under its by-laws and rules and regulations. The parties submit themselves to the jurisdiction of the ddc, and judgment on any award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. You agree to be personally responsible for any awards rendered by the arbitrators. You hereby waive any claim or objection relating to forum non conveniens.